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Research and Publications

My research areas are:

  • Race and ethnic relations: race relations theory, racial ideology, inter-minority relations, racial politics.
  • Stratification: urban inequality; minority business; ethnic banking; government policy; race, class, gender.
  • Globalization: transnationalism; ethnic economies; diaspora; transnational economic organizations.
  • U.S. immigration: assimilation; entrepreneurship; constructions of citizenship; (trans-) national identity.
  • Asian American communities: enclaves; politics; model minority discourse; Black-Asian relations.

In my work, I employ qualitative methodology, including ethnography, interviews, and content analysis.  I also analyze descriptive statistics from a wide range of data sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau (including Economic Census data), the Department of Labor, the Department of Homeland Security, the Small Business Administration, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Bureau of Justice.

I also draw from my experience and incorporate data sources I commonly used as an International Business Consultant for the Temple University Small Business Development Center and Temple Fox School of Business, in which I researched and wrote reports for small firms in the United States who were entering into or expanding their operations in the international market.  Reports included industry overviews in the United States and in the targeted countries, competitors, shipping codes, local conditions in targeted countries (relevant government offices and regulations, banking, travel, business norms, and consumer base), and entry strategies.  I also trained international business students of the Fox School of Business in how to write reports for local companies working with the international business practicum.

Additionally, my knowledge of government policies towards small, minority, and immigrant businesses, as well as the push for small business development among poor and working-class communities is connected to my work as a Small Business Consultant for the Widener University Small Business Development Center.  Here I worked in Norristown, Pennsylvania, to develop small businesses among a racially diverse community of poor and working-class individuals in need of employment.