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Student Feedback

  • Professor Nopper is one of the most involved and considerate professors I’ve had in my four years of Temple experience.  First professor to encourage me to take my education to the next level by suggesting I attend graduate school.
  • Dr. Nopper developed a revolutionary course syllabus for Introduction to Sociology that places central disciplinary themes alongside prominent critiques of prevailing social theory and methods. In particular, her foregrounding of African American and women scholars is especially useful in highlighting otherwise marginalized voices that have nonetheless been foundational to sociological thought. Additionally, Dr. Nopper is a truly engaging instructor who demands great work from her students, ensuring that the course is useful to majors and non-majors alike.
  • Race and Ethnic Relations was an extremely insightful and useful course. Dr. Nopper is extremely engaging in the classroom, and she is a great facilitator of class discussion. Race relations can be a controversial subject, but Dr. Nopper managed to handle the diverse opinions and conflicting perspectives of members of the class very well. I always felt comfortable expressing my opinion in her class. The theory day format of the class, with each week being focused on a particular theory, was useful in helping to get a real grasp for each theory and its relation to others. The testing in the class, without formal in-class exams, was also helpful, as it took pressure off of memorizing material. The emphasis was more on actually learning and understanding the material. Although I liked the take-home exams, I would have preferred if they were not so long, and not completely in an essay format. Although the take-home exams took away stress, their sheer length and time-consuming nature made them just as daunting as a traditional exam. Nevertheless, Dr. Nopper is a fair grader, and I appreciated that she actually read through all of our assignments and added comments, rather than giving things just a cursory glance.
  • This is one of the best classes I have taken at Penn and definitely one where I learned the most. The size and atmosphere of the class was perfect. Although there was a lot of reading and writing required for the class I felt as though it was necessary in order to get as much out of the class as I did. I liked how each class would be a mixture of many different things not just lecture for three hours. An ideal class and definitely one of the best professors at Penn!
  • Dr. Nopper is a rigorous scholar and excellent teacher: she brings her knowledge about race relations to both students who are interested in these questions as well as uninterested students! The discussions were enlightening.
  • Readings were interesting and discussions in class were well managed. Professor encouraged many viewpoints and discussion. Was very appreciative of the extremely clear expectations and guidelines provided by the professor. Much planning and prep was done by the professor which made this course, not my major and only taken to fulfill a requirement, one of the most rewarding courses I have taken at Penn. Professor was able to balance seriousness of topics while continuing to make the course fun and enjoyable.
  •  The clear, easy to understand manner in which the professor presented material, her obvious dedication to the subject and the comfort level she created in a potentially tense environment.
  • The exams were really a measurement of what we learned.  Most exams test students’ ability to cram knowledge before an exam.  In this class the tests were designed so that students could effectively display what they learned.
  • Sensitivity to diversity is crucial, especially in the study and teaching of social sciences.  As a homosexual, I feel that Professor Nopper went above and beyond the call of duty to maintain the much needed sensitivity.
  • Dr. Nopper is an amazing teacher -engages class, encourages participation -expresses extreme interest in subject matter -chooses GREAT readings, and explains their relevance to sociology and to the class trajectory -does not read powerpoint slides as lectures, but rather teaches through class discussion and engagement -assignments are very pertinent to class
  • Dr. Nopper would make a great addition to the faculty at Penn. She is a treasure and a joy to learn from. Her lectures inspired me throughout the semester and motivated me to do better inside and outside of the classroom.
  •  This was a great course. Dr. Nopper is excellent. She clearly conveys all information, provokes stimualting and valuable debates, and at the same time creates a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom. Sociology is not my area of study or interest, but I took this class to add a different dimension to my course work. I would highly recommend this class and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  •  Wanted us to succeed.
  •  Wasn’t afraid to talk about anything.
  •  Prompt feedback on tests/exams.
  •  Gave everyone a chance to do well.
  •  Always willing answer questions & meet for extra help outside of class.